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Arranging A Cover

Its that time to find a cover for Shattering Dreams.

So I got to that point in the writing process where I’m now arranging Shattering Dreams Cover Art. I mean I’d googled some possibilities months earlier but felt at that point that it was too early. Now? Well, I guess I feel its just about right timing wise.

As a rough stab in the dark, I’d say I’m about eighty percent done with the edit runs of my manuscript. While I know some authors who get their covers very early in the process, I know others who have waited until they have finished writing their epic piece of work. So in that regard, I’d say I am in the middle somewhere.

One point in trying to get a cover done I’m glad I started early, as far as I was concerned. Keep in mind many companies book up in advance. I finally settled on

Fiona has been great to work with so far, I honestly feel for her trying to work with a total newbie like me. I made that initial contact, exchanged a few emails which I liked then plunged right in. So with deposit paid I figured its like magic. I get a cover. Not quite.

I promptly received a link to a form with questions about my book. A very long form. In the nature of a good procrastinator, I sat on it for a few days before sighing and filling it out. So that done, I get my cover. Right? Not quite. You see the cover artist needs a bit of time to put it together. I’ve had to curb my impatience. I know logically that the process to get a cover was going to take a little longer. Still, I want my cover, now.

It’s been entertaining though, I even got to look at photo boards to select my characters. I know they don’t look quite as I imagined the characters to be but that is just it. I made my characters up, they don’t really exist.

I’m expecting I will have a cover for Shattering Dreams early next year to show you all. In the meantime, I’ll keep slogging away at my manuscript to get it done.

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