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AudioBook Coming Soon

Shattering Dreams has been taken into the studio!

AudioBook Coming Soon. I really can’t believe I get to type those words.  It was one of those spur of the moment decisions when I just thought the hell with it I’ll give it a go. After reading a heap of articles online about audiobooks I checked out Findaway Voices.

Admittedly there is a cost associated with getting the audiobook produced.  Still, I just decided to add that to what I’ve already spent with covers, an editor and marketing.  It is an investment in the future, so a long-term project rather than a short-term one.

After signing up I got to listen to the various narrators on offer and selecting some that I wanted to hear audition.  That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, there are so many to choose from!  I did manage to narrow it down to a small selection that was at least manageable then pushed the little button to request an audition recording from them.

I was so impatient waiting for notification that the audition recordings were ready, although it didn’t really take all that long.  This time rather than a standard recording, I got to hear the narrators read an excerpt from my book. I can’t tell you how incredible it was to hear my own work read by them.  I will admit I enlisted the help of a few others to listen to the auditions and help me decide.

So the narrator for Shattering Dreams is Steve Campbell and I’m really excited since he’s just taken my book into the recording studio!

I even received a copy of the new Shattering Dreams cover for the Audiobook. So now I just have to wait for Steve to finish recording it.  Why do I have the feeling the next couple of months are going to be long ones for me?  Long, but exciting ones!

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