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Beta Reading Phase

Its that time to send my book to my beta reader, then wait for feedback....

It’s one of those milestone moments, Shattering Dreams is in the Beta Reading Phase. It is hard to describe what it feels like to get to that stage. For the very first time. Excited and nervous all wrapped up in one little package.

I had my first piece of feedback on the whole thing in twenty-four hours. I take it as a good sign. Now though its a matter of sitting back and waiting for the bulk of the feedback to come back in.

So where to from here?

While I’m waiting for the beta readers I’ve started on the rough draft of book 2. Nothing to get excited about at this stage, there is only a handful of words and ideas written at this point. I am hoping to at least get that process, or the bulk of it done by July. Still, we’ll see how that goes.

After getting feedback for Shattering Dreams I’ll assess what they all have to say. What they think of the big picture issues in the story. Then I’ll dive back in and do a rewrite.

Once I’m happy with that then it’s off to an editor. I’ll write more on the whole ‘editor’ phase when I’m up to that part. At this point, since this is my first book I will be publishing I’ve asked for three types of editing. Assessment, Copy Line Edit & a Proofread before I hit publish.

While I’m doing all this I’m also working with my cover artist to get my cover sorted out. Now, this is proving to be way harder than I ever thought it would be. I’m learning that while others have, at times valuable insight, I have to go with what I like. What I want.

One step at a time, I’m getting there!

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