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In a world torn by conflict, it is the Unwanted who fight for survival.

As war spreads, the power of the veil increasingly bleeds into the real world, giving unheard of strength to some. In the Warlords, ranks ride such a band, strong, powerful, and feared by all who encounter them. They are either the salvation for all who reside in the Warlords’ domain or its nightmare. Perhaps both.

They are the Unwanted.

Available at: Coming soon, in 2022!

Can Damien Accept his fate, becoming one of the Unwanted to save his sister’s life?

Damein isn’t sure which fate would be worse. A known but undesirable fate claimed by the Warlord or an unknown future with the Sylannian raiders?

Damien finds himself falling prey to the power of the veil as it increasingly bleeds into the real world. His elders advise him to cut himself off from the power, not to use it lest he attract the attention of the raiders or worse, the Warlord. Damien knows the Warlord will force him to fight against the Sylannian’s just to expand his domain. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy for Damien to stop himself from using his powers.

The Warlord riding into town on the heels of one of his attacks made that decision for him.

Damien, forced to leave behind the only life he’s know to ride within the war band under the Warlords banner, grapples with powers he’s previously been told not to use. Michael, the fearsome leader of the war band, helps train Damien to become a fighter. Now when he rides into villages he isn’t seen for who he is only as one of them. He hears the whispering mindvoices of strangers in his head.

Killer. Traitor. Monster.

Unwanted by all until conflict lands on their doorstep unless the conflict that arrives is them. Can he reconcile the struggle within himself to become the killer the Warlord wants him to be? Will Damien become a true member of the Unwanted in time to protect his power from the threat the Sylannian raiders power and protect his sister from falling into the Warlords’ hands?

In a world torn by conflict, it is the Unwanted who fight for survival.

Available at: Coming soon, in 2022!