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Epic Fantasy Debut Novel

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, I came up with this great idea.  I decided to get around to not only finishing my epic fantasy debut novel but decided I am going to self-publish the book.  Let’s face it when it comes to achieving those things in life that you said you would do ‘one day’.  As surprising as this may seem you have to start taking action to make ‘one day’ happen.  If you don’t life tends to pass you by.  You then live with the regret of the things you didn’t do in life.

Shattering Dreams, the first book in my epic fantasy series The Being of Dreams is being born.  I’d love to say that its ready right now but I’d be fibbing, just a little.  My rough draft of Shattering is complete when I finished that process the word count was sitting at 100k words.  Approximately 400 pages for those of you madly doing the math trying to work that out.
Right now I am on my edit runs, some bits I like, others not so much causing a total rewrite of said offending sections.

Right at the beginning if you told me that writing the rough draft was the easy part of this whole project I would laugh at you.

Still, it’s a learning process and is going well.  I think.

That is the status of my manuscript for what will be my debut novel.I have many other balls in the air right now.  This website has just gone up, yes there is and will be a book page when I finally have something to put on it.  I’ve also set up the associated Facebook and Twitter pages with a YouTube channel planned for next year.  As a soon to be self-published author it’s not as simple as just writing the manuscript, and hitting the publish button on the primary online e-book platforms.  The reader needs to be able to find me and my work in the first place.  Otherwise, you tend to get buried in all the other published novels.

Some days writing feels like this….

Then there is cover art to organised, an editor, book trailer and other promotional materials.  All of this in the works right now.  Not to mention I want the rough draft of book two written before I publish book 1.  While I’m at it, I’d like at least a few more dot points for the final book.

I’ve written before I even have another 100k rough draft in the top drawer of my desk.  This part is all new to me.  So, stay tuned this is a work in progress, and I’m learning as I go along.

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