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Excerpt Reading Shattering Dreams

Excerpt reading Shattering Dreams, Chapter 4, The Sundered, Kin And Elder.

So for those who keep asking for an audiobook, well, this isn’t quite that. It’s just a small excerpt from Chapter 4, The Sundered, Kin and Elder that I had done. A full-blown audiobook is a little out of my reach right now.


Perhaps one day there will be an actual audiobook but until then, people who like them will have to content themselves with this small snippet. Of course, it would be nice if you could actually buy the book. That will put me one little step closer to actually getting an audiobook produced.

So yes an audio version of the book is still on my to-do list. Unfortunately, while I would like to get one done, it will stay on the to-do list for quite some time. For those that are not aware producing an audio version of the book is a horribly expensive exercise. I do keep checking it out every now and then. Hoping that my memory is faulty and that it really isn’t all that expensive.

I’m always slightly horrified when I look up the details again. It certainly confirms my position that audio is going to have to wait until I’m a little further down the track than what I am now.

Seriously go look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me. It costs thousands of dollars to have an audiobook produced. I would have to be selling a heap of books to even make back that kind of outlay. By comparison, the ebook, paperback and hardcover even with a professional cover and editing thrown in are much more achievable. Even that outlay by itself is going to be hard to make back.

Still its all a work in progress. I hope that you like my little offering.

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