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Shattering Dreams Audiobook

Behind the microphone with narrator Steve Campbell

It’s been a very busy time of late with so much going on, in between the rewriting of Path Of The Broken, I’ve been approving the audio files for the Shattering Dreams Audiobook.  Like so much of this business, I find myself scrambling around trying to work everything out.

Enter the narrator!  I may not know how all of this works but thankfully the narrator for Shattering Dreams, Steve Campbell actually does.  He was terribly patient with this total newbie, explaining how things work.

Steve kindly offered to record a ‘behind the microphone’ video for me.  Well, ok I might have pestered him a little, the poor man mentioned it in passing and I didn’t forget!  I found it interesting to watch, to get some insight behind how a narrator works.  Don’t kid yourself either, it is work and not as easy as many might think.

I’m pleased to say that everything is going well and on track.  Steve has finished his part with all audio files completed.  For my part in this whole process, I listened through them all first time around.  I wanted to listen to it as anyone else would.  It was exciting to hear my own words read back and to see how Steve interpreted those words.

The second time through I listened and read through the text at the same time.  Submitting comments on the files.  At times I made minor changes when I found things that had escaped the editing process.  So, as a result, I’ve just upload fresh copies of the ebook and the paperback and hardcover versions.

I have no idea if my process was the right one to follow but it’s the one I followed.  One of the lessons I’ve learnt is that you have to be brave enough to dive in and risk failure.  Otherwise, you never achieve anything.  I would rather try, fail and pick myself up to try again than be too scared to dive into the amazing challenges life can throw your way.

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