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Shattering Dreams Cover Reveal

Getting the cover is such an exciting moment!

So finally here it is, the Shattering Dreams cover reveal.

The cover for Shattering Dreams, book one The Being Of Dreams epic fantasy series.

I was so excited to open my inbox this morning and finally see that email I’d been waiting for. It contained the ebook cover for my first book. All right it’s the small things that get exciting! However, it is a major step in publishing a book. It’s also one more thing I can cross off my to-do list.

The cover is generally one of the first things that attract people to your book. Hopefully, make them read the description. Then buy the book of course.

I decided fairly quickly after playing at making my own cover that I better get a professional to do it. Honestly, you don’t want to see my efforts. I think a five-year-old with a crayon would do a better job. Still, its good to acknowledge one’s limitations.

So what’s next?

Currently, the manuscript is with my wonderful beta readers. They still have just over a week to go, although some have already finished and given feedback. Once that process is complete I will consider their thoughts carefully and do a rewrite.

In early February Shattering is due to my editor. Now that is a process I’m nervous about, I’m expecting the manuscript to bleed. I am certain everyone will thank me for going through that process though. Or they would if they got to compare the before and after versions.

I should get the manuscript back from my editor by mid to late February. Of course, then the rewrite begins in earnest. I want it to be as good as I can make it. Then the manuscript goes back to my editor for a final proofread.

Then, you guess it. It will finally be time to publish!

(oh and somewhere in all of that I need to market the release of the book and keep writing the draft of book 2…)

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