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Shattering Dreams Is Out Now

That day you publish your first book is exciting and terrifying all wrapped up in one.

Shattering Dreams is out now!

Ok so now that I’ve got that out of the way. I’m a little behind, I admit it. Well on this blog anyhow. The tail end of getting Shattering Dreams finished and published just got a little hectic. I thought I was all organised yet every time I thought I was on top of things and done. Something else appeared that I had to do. So one of the things that dropped off was this blog.

There were a couple of processes that Shattering went through. Essential processes as far as I am concerned. Even though there are some indie authors out there that say and think otherwise.

Beta Readers

I finished Shattering Dreams and sent it out to my Beta Readers. My group was fairly diverse, some of whom I know well, others not so much. Some of them were avid readers; others had other skill sets that I thought would be useful in the context of getting feedback. It was a little stressful waiting to see if anyone even liked the book. Thankfully they did. Then I had to sort through the input.

Some of that was in face to face conversations, some via a series of text messages, others in group talks in a chat room. Universally we discussed the things that some of them felt were potential issues. Now I will say I didn’t necessarily change everything that they all pulled up. The process did cause me to make some adjustments. I’m with all the authors previous to me when I say this process was invaluable.


Next up was the whole editing thing. I didn’t know what to expect. I had done some research online, and it seems to be a topic that divides the indie world. Some are of the opinion that an editor isn’t necessary, that you can do it yourself or your best mate who received an ‘A+’ in English would do. Others were of the opinion that getting your work edited was a necessary step.

I’m with the get an editor camp. Is it expensive? Sure. Is it worth it? I think so. Editing isn’t cheap however I found it a useful process to go through. I went with a group called the Expert Editor

Manuscript Assessment

They had a variety of options, but in the end, I went with a Manuscript Assessment, Edit and finished with a Proof Read. I liked the Manuscript Edit, not only did the editor pull up things she thought would/were an issue she pointed out what or where she thought I could fix the problem. That helped me immensely in making Shattering Dreams a much better book.


The mark up in the Edit was extensive enough and not just adjusting comma usage to convince me that it was necessary. The edit pulled up the difference in places with what I thought I’d written and what the editor thought I meant… if that makes sense. In every occasion she was correct, so that is another win for editing.

Proof Read

After I’d worked through all of the issues and problems I sent Shattering Dreams back to the editor for the final proofread. That process also pulled up enough things missed including typo’s that I’m glad I did that one too.

I have no doubt that some things have been missed. In a 112k manuscript, I think it is inevitable but it is much more polished than what I thought was the ‘final draft’. It was a little bit like a boomerang. Every time I threw it out there and said ‘it’s finished!’, it would come back at me with more to do. Still, now it is done for good or bad Shattering Dreams is out there in the world and available for purchase.

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