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Wannabe Authors Diary – Part One

One day doesn't happen unless you make it.

Welcome to the Wannabe Authors Diary Part One!  If you’ve been looking around my website you might have the impression that I’m writing a book.  That impression would be correct. I thought I’d document my journey from One Day to Publishing.  If nothing else years from now it might be interesting to me even if it isn’t to others.  One of the mistakes people make is they think they will always remember things.  I know from years of travel that it is the diary entries, photos and things that prompt memory of certain events.

Writing a book is the easy part.  It is all that mysterious ‘stuff’ that comes after that part which is time-consuming.

As soon as people find out I’m writing a book and intend to self-publish they confide that they are writing a book and will publish as well. One day, when they get time, when they think of the story, when…. well you get it?  They won’t ever write the story let alone publish it.  Everyone seems to think because they have written a story in school they can write a book.  It’s easy, right?


Writing a rough draft is easy and fun to see what happens as the story unfolds.  The writing, rewriting and editing is a little on that laborious side.  Then there is all that other stuff you have to do.  Like book formatting, beta readers, cover art, editor, website, promotion and marketing.  The list of things that need doing go on.  Just as I think I’m getting there, new to-do items get added to my list.

Right now the draft of Shattering Dreams is with my beta readers.  It’s a nerve-wracking experience waiting for feedback.  Will they like it?  Find it boring?  Tell me to go off and write it all again from the start?

Rather than kick back feet on the desk relaxing I’ve kicked off writing the rough draft of book two, The Broken Path. Or at least that is the working title.  Talks are ongoing with my cover artist, hopefully, I’ll have news on that soon. Rewriting Shattering commences as soon as my beta readers finish and give feedback.  Putting a hold on drafting book two.

After rewriting Shattering it will go to my Editor, its booked in for February.  So I have a deadline, not necessarily a bad thing. My current goal with Broken is to write six hundred words a day.

So that is the snapshot of where I’m at right now.  I will try and write a post every week detailing a different aspect of the writing to publishing path I am on.  Of course, this could just be procrastination.  I better get back to it.

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